Ranieri Agency Launches 12 Days of Christmas Content Series – Consumer Tech Style

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” is an English Christmas Carol first published in 1780 without music as a chant or rhyme. It is thought to be French in origin and as such was arranged in 1909 with a traditional folk melody by English composer Frederic AustinIt is a cumulative song, meaning that each verse is built on top of the previous verses. There are twelve verses, each describing a gift given by “my true love” on one of the twelve days of Christmas.


On the first day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me… Brad Pitt!



On the second day of Christmas, Ranieri Gaming gave to me… 2 awesome games to see you through the holidays.



On the third day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me… 3 tips and gadgets for keeping to those New Year resolutions.



On the fourth day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…4 phones-a-calling. Four of our favourite phone accessories.



On the fifth day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…5 seasonal wines as recommended by Lawrence Taylor‘s Dad, Geoff.



On the sixth day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…6 awesome tech gadgets for pimping your Christmas Dinner.



On the seventh day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…7 most tagged locations on Instagram in 2021.



On the eighth day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…8 of our favourite memes from 2021.



On the ninth day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…9 top tips for surviving CES from Pietro Ranieri.



On the tenth day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…10 essential tech gifts curated by Team Ranieri.



In the eleventh day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…11 most iconic games of all time.



On the twelfth day of Christmas, Ranieri gave to me…12 influencers you need to follow right now on Instagram.



Merry Christmas from Ranieri Agency.