Our Services.

PR & Communication.

Every brand has a story to tell. From product launch to re-positioning, we start with the same approach….understanding that audience and where the comms opportunity lies. Our counsel is insight-led, opening up new audiences and opportunities for thought leadership, innovations and collaboration. Features that set a brand apart and tell your story to your natural audience. The right messages, at the right junctures.

Media Relations.

Relationship building is our heartland. We are well known within the industry for our ‘extra-strength’ media relations - a reputation we are proud to have earned by sticking to some old school values. Our communications strategists and publicists are connected and skilled at identifying and growing opportunities. They work collaboratively with journalists and media outlets to ensure a brand’s story and messaging.


We provide expert counsel to both brands and influencers through our ‘on the pulse’ understanding of social media. We believe that cultivating organic and strong relationships between brands and creators deliver authentic content and brand advocacy.

Social Media.

Our audience-based approach means that our social media and paid social experts work like scientists to understand a brand’s natural audience. Not only where they are today, but where they will be tomorrow, always growing a brand’s space. Our content creators are masters at developing engaging assets for audiences, adding traction and amplification to a campaign or press coverage.

Content Creation.

We believe in creating content that matters. Content that can trigger a conversation or evoke an emotive response. We identify where that opportunity lies. From the initial spark of engagement….to owning that space. We ensure that every piece of content is aligned to that brand’s ethos and resonates in an authentic and purposeful way.


Partnerships are not just about engagements, they about creating moments that allow a brand to deliver on its promise. We work across the entire sponsorship spectrum…identifying, evaluating, negotiating, managing, measuring, optimizing and activating. We design 360 programmes that trigger audiences into action.


We understand that every influencer has their own niche audience. If you are interested in joining our network of brand ambassadors, we’d love to hear from you.

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