As the general election hurtles toward us, and the publication of manifestos imminent, the media landscape is primed for expert commentary and thought leadership around Education.  Enter Newsjacking, the art of injecting ideas into a breaking news story to generate media coverage and public engagement.


By staying attuned to the news cycle, crafting relevant and resonant messages, and leveraging digital platforms, stakeholders in the education sector can effectively influence public discourse, advocate for important issues, and position themselves as leaders in the conversation about the future of education. In a time when education is both a critical policy issue and a deeply personal concern for many voters, thoughtful and timely engagement can make a significant impact.



The key to successful newsjacking lies in timing. Stakeholders must stay vigilant and be prepared to act swiftly as education-related stories and key moments arise such as policy announcements or debates and forums and where education is discussed, real-time commentary and social media engagement can attract attention.

Crafting the Message

For newsjacking to be effective, the message must be relevant and resonate with the current public sentiment and a number of strategies which can be deployed:

  • Expert Commentary: Providing expert opinions or analyses on the implications of proposed policies can position an organization as a credible source of information.
  • Human Interest Stories: Highlighting personal stories of students, teachers, and families affected by education policies can create an emotional connection with the audience.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging statistics and research to support arguments can enhance credibility and persuasive power.
  • Calls to Action: Encouraging the public to take action, whether it’s voting, attending a town hall, or signing a petition, can amplify engagement.

Leveraging Digital Platforms

Digital platforms play a crucial role in newsjacking. Social media, blogs, and websites provide rapid dissemination channels for timely content.

  • Real-Time Social Media Engagement: Live-tweeting during debates or breaking news events with relevant hashtags can increase visibility.
  • Content Marketing: Publishing blog posts, opinion pieces, and video content that ties into current news can attract traffic and engagement.
  • Email Campaigns: Targeted email campaigns with timely content can keep stakeholders informed and mobilised.


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