As part of its analysis of the annual Top 150 PR Agency rankings, PR WEEK has named Ranieri Agency at the 8th fastest growing PR Agency in the UK. 


Following the announcement of this year’s top 150 PR Agencies on the UK, Ranieri Agency has been identified as the 8th fastest growing agency in the county. Profiled in PRWeek UK as one of only four agencies who managed to buck the industry down-turn trend and achieve its growth targets, Pietro Ranieri Group CEO and Founder commented:


“Last year, we established clear objectives that guided us through a transformative journey. Our strategic acquisition of more tier-1 brands and the increase in additional projects from retained clients played pivotal roles in driving our revenue growth. Doubling down on our integrated approach of earned media, social media, and influencer marketing led to a series of highly successful campaigns, reinforcing client confidence and prompting budget increases.

As we look to the future, our sights are set on an even more ambitious trajectory. We aim to replicate our growth success within other technology sectors of the business, including B2B, Gaming, and the recently incorporated Education Technology. Our vision is unwavering: to deliver exceptional results that propel both our agency and our clients to new heights of success.”


Read the full PRWEEK feature here.


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