Incorporating media relations into your PR strategy can unlock a myriad opportunities for your brand. When you are quoted online, the journalist includes a direct link to your content and possibly, your website. This can drive considerable traffic and boost your search rankings. Over time, expanding your reach and strengthening brand awareness.


What is media relations?

Firstly, it’s important to have a strong understanding of what is meant by media relations. Media relations and public relations are not the same thing. While public relations deals with a company’s communication with the public, media relations focuses solely on a brand’s strategic communications with media outlets – it’s a step removed from the direct audience, but it can have much more of an impact.


  1. Lead Generation

A study by Neilsen showed that earned media (publicity of your company through promotional efforts rather than paid advertising) lifted brand familiarity 88% more than branded content (content that is funded or paid for and produced by an advertiser).

The study showed that earned media was the most effective source of information in impacting consumers along all stages of the purchase process across different products and brands. Put simply, brands that actively engage in media outreach and seek to build great media relations will likely see a greater consumer impact over brands that rely solely on content marketing as a means to raise awareness.


  1. Investors

For all businesses, whether you are a start-up or established, big or small, your investors are one of the stakeholders you want to impress. Investors can play a key role in the growth prospects of most companies as they can provide access to capital which can fuel growth. This is true for both current and potential investors. Current investors want to know their investment is succeeding. They want to know that they have wisely invested money into a company and will see a positive return. Potential investors are influenced by what they read, see and hear in the media.

Great media relations allows potential investors to discover your company naturally and pique their interest. They become aware of who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. From reading an article or seeing you in the news they quickly understand your message and can become encouraged to reach out. Investors want to invest in a company they think will be successful and being in the media shows you are a company that is heading in the right direction, particularly if the references relate to innovative offerings or stories about growth.

Whether investors like to admit it or not they are influenced by the media. It’s your job to place yourself in the media so you can influence them, making it a little easier if you have to raise some additional capital to support your growth objectives.


  1. Brand awareness

When your company, product, service or CEO are mentioned in the media it is regularly perceived as a genuine endorsement. For example, if you are a consumer tech company and you are mentioned in TechRadar Pro or invited on to BBC News Business Live you are effectively being endorsed by the biggest players in your industry. Audiences will trust this media coverage and be more willing to engage with your brand.

Whether they are googling you to find out more about you, following you on social media or getting in touch with your company, they are engaging with your company. They see that you are being endorsed by the publications they follow and want to join in the action. This can result in customers reviews, positive engagement on social media or even word of mouth sharing about your company.


  1. Employee Satisfaction

When thinking about media relations and why it is great for your business, the effects of it on your current staff isn’t something that immediately comes to mind. However, positive media relations can have a big impact on employee satisfaction and morale. Employees love seeing the companies they work for getting positive press. They love seeing their company’s name in the media. This often results in employees getting positive feedback from the people in their lives who matter most to them. Their mum might call and say they saw a story in the paper or a friend who mentions a story they heard on the radio about the company. This positive engagement and employee pride results in increased employee satisfaction. They enjoy working at a company that is well-regarded among its peers and that is doing well.


How to do it?

Here at Ranieri Agency, relationship building is our heartland. We are well known within the industry for our ‘extra-strength’ media relations – a reputation we are proud to have earned by sticking to some old school values. Our communications strategists and publicists are connected and skilled at identifying and growing opportunities. They work collaboratively with journalists and media outlets to ensure a brand’s story and messaging. To find out more email [email protected].


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