Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming event and offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest industry trends. This year, Ranieri Agency were out in force in Cologne to see for ourselves the latests developments and future trends. So what did we learn….?


1. The gaming industry is booming.

Growth may not be as astronomical as it was during the pandemic, but nevertheless, the global market is expected to reach $196.8 billion by 2024. Despite the recent layoffs from major companies within the industry, next year is set to peak. With an exponential amount of games on offer from publishers and also now being self-published by developers, the fight for consumer attention will be fierce in 2024!


2. The growth of Cloud Gaming.

Whilst Mobile Gaming is still the dominant platform, Cloud Gaming is growing rapidly and is poised to redefine the gaming experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology and evolving consumer preferences to propel the industry towards unprecedented heights. As accessibility and engagement in cloud gaming continue to climb, the industry’s future holds promising opportunities for innovation and growth.


3. VR & AR is revolutionising the gaming industry.

AR & VR in gaming has revolutionised the playing experience with its interactive elements and technical advancements. AR combines 3D graphics with real-time environments and provides a multidimensional space for game lovers. On the other hand, VR includes physical activities and gaming devices that make the game seem more realistic. These emerging technologies are transforming the gaming industry at a rapid pace, attracting players across the globe and providing an immersive experience.


4. Independent games are becoming more popular.

Thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, indie games are now getting more attention than ever. From humble beginnings, these popular indie games have blossomed into successful juggernauts that could rival releases by major publishers, both in terms of critical acclaim and financial success.


5. Lots of companies are building their metaverses/Web3 metaverses.

Developers are excited about creating a digital world that has blockchain based infrastructure, allowing validity, value creation based on demand and supply and accountability. Successful gaming metaverse platforms are a huge drive for every developer, as they reference these worlds and others as their influences.


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