At Ranieri, we believe that cultivating organic and strong relationships between brands and creators  delivers authentic content and brand advocacy. Our Influencer Q&A series takes a deep dive into the relationship from both sides with insights for both marketers and creators.


Please introduce yourself…

Hello, I’m Josi.

I am originally from Thüringen in Germany and have been living in Berlin with my family for a few years now. My primary channel is Instagram and I talk about my interests and what keeps me busy. Besides travel, I publish content on sustainability, female empowerment, everyday life as a family, interiors and ideas for occupying toddlers.


Why did you become an Influencer?

It wasn’t something I set out to do. Being a content creator just sort of developed organically over the past 7 years as I followed my interests.


What’s been your biggest mistake on social and what have you learned from it?

For me personally, it was mentioning my daughter’s name. I’ve become much more heightened about her privacy ever since.


How has Covid changed being an influencer?

Daily life has changed for everyone, so I do make an effort to look for something extra cool to integrate into my daily stories. I am lucky to be still approached regularly about different collaborations.


What are the most important factors for you when collaborating with a brand?

Mutual appreciation.


Do you have experience with TikTok? What are the opportunities for brands?

I have an account but I don’t tend to use it much. I’m actually thinking about hiring someone for TikTok as I don’t have the capacity for both at the moment. Videos are real opportunities for growth and reach and are also now playing out much better on Instagram.


What is your experience of e-commerce campaigns on social so far?

It’s not something I’ve previously done.


What is your experience of Affiliate programs?

I use affiliate programs as a service really for my users. In ‘Picker’ I have created various folders and products that I am often asked about. It eases the pressure on my inbox and users don’t have to wait for an answer. This is connected to an affiliate system, but it doesn’t make me rich and its not related to my working hours. It is  better than searching out the same link twenty times a day though!


Will you be playing around with new video formats such as IG Reels, IGTV, Snapchat Spotlight or TikTok content in the near future?

I will definitely focus more on Reels when I have some more time. At the moment, we are busy working on an IGTV series based around our house construction project.


What’s your advice for successful collaborations between brands and influencers?

For me it’s all about a brand’s natural interest in the content creator. The companies that follow me independently of any collaborations are the ones that interest me the most.

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