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What is Computex and what does it offer vs CES?

Date Posted: 30 May, 2018
What is Computex and what does it offer vs CES?

For those in the know, the end of May means one thing: Computex. Established in 1981, Computex, held in Taipei, has since become the leading global ICT and IoT show. Brands such as ASUS, Acer and AMD regularly use it to showcase new launches, and startups frequent it for essential networking. Needless to say, it’s a key date in the year for those in the wider ICT ecosystem.

But the basics aside, what is Computex? And how does it compare to CES?

Location, location, location

Computex is located right in the OEM/ODM heartland. Aside from the cultural variations this brings, there is also a difference in the manufacturers that exhibit at the show and the lengths they go to. Key companies working in the space, such as ASUS, Acer, Lenovo and Samsung, are all based in Asia, and despite exhibiting at CES, often up the ante at Computex. ASUS has already unveiled a teaser featuring Gal Gardot from Wonder Woman suggesting big things for this year’s show, and we’re sure others will be following suit.

A focus on the ICT ecosystem

While CES is a playground for everything from TVs to activity trackers, Computex has a stricter focus on ICT and the IoT. Branding itself as ‘the leading global ICT and IoT show with a complete supply chain and ecosystems’, Computex aims to provide a range of opportunities to those working in the space. Alongside the companies mentioned above, there is also an emphasis on promoting challenger brands at the show. The recently-launched InnoVEX, which is exclusively for startups, is now a key part of the show and is one of the biggest startup gatherings in Asia. The show also involves the wider world of the IoT, primarily via its SmarTEX exhibit, and is due to showcase the potential of IoT in the ‘5G era’ at the 2018 show.

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Computex launches actually launch (apparently)

Where CES is a wonder of innovation and potential, Computex is often seen as a far safer bet in terms of products actually launching to end-users. From keyboards to speakers, as an industry we are well accustomed to CES displaying products that are either delayed or never come to light. Computex, meanwhile, is generally regarded as a show that delivers launched products to market. Often put down to facts such as Computex being ideal to showcase products near the holiday season, we would warn against seeing this as a major point of difference. However, it’s still worth considering when weighing up Computex vs CES.

Going from A to B

CES is pretty much as big as it gets when it comes to tech shows. As most companies are based in suites along the strip, getting from A to B, though worth it, is often time consuming. When comparing Computex vs CES however, you’re unlikely to hear the same gripes. The show as a whole is fairly centralised, with most of the venues in Xinyi, Taipei’s downtown. Taxi fares are also considerably cheaper than Vegas, and the subway is on hand to take you to the Nangang Convention Centre. A God-send when the 4am nights start to take a toll on your energy levels.


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