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Our top UK tech influencers on YouTube

Date Posted: 9 October, 2018
Our top UK tech influencers on YouTube

Not so long ago, thinking about UK tech influencers on YouTube may have conjured images of monster PCs and systems more complicated than the plot of Inception. As tech has continued to become more appealing to a wider audience, however, so have the influencers.

We’ve already written about a handful of our favourite UK influencers here, with one even getting another special mention below. It might come as no surprise however that, as a consumer tech and lifestyle agency that has worked with a range of tech-specific influencers, we decided it was high time we have them their own list.

So here it is! Whether you’re looking to get your phone reviewed, tips on a PC build or just fancy a bit of RGB fun, then you’ve come to the right place.

1) Gadgets Boy

Certainly the most lifestyle-orientated influencer in the list, Gadgets Boy is just as well known for his excellent Instagram page as he is for YouTube. Having appeared in publications such as ShortList and The Times Magazine, the latter for his modelling for Burton, he is certainly a man with style. More importantly here, however, he also knows a thing or two about tech.

Previously the tech editor at Unilad, Gadgets Boy (real name Tomi Adebayo) is particularly well known for his knowledge of phones, watches and cars. Recent uploads, such as his Acer Predator Orion 3000 unboxing and Audi Q8 overview, have already had several thousand views at the time of writing, and highlight where his interests lie.

Covering new launches as well as trade shows, such as CES, he should be your first port of call for any aspirational lifestyle tech.

Expertise: Audio, cars, lifestyle accessories, phones 

Most popular video: How To Add Second A SSD to Replace Optical Drive MacBook Pro 2012 

2) TechTeamGB

TechTeamGB, aka Andrew McDonald, is a serious tech head. Focussing on PCs and all of the accessories that go with them, from peripherals to graphics cards, his in-depth reviews have led to a loyal following and an impressive bank of content.

Andrew doesn’t pull any punches with his reviews, with each product covered receiving an award based on performance. There are also live streams and other feature videos, such as Andrew’s overview of the tech on his set, giving his audience a little more insight into the mountain of gear he receives.

Expertise: Laptops, monitors, PCs, peripherals

Most popular video: Razer Orbweaver Chroma Review

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3) SilencedTech

It seems like you can’t move for a gaming influencer these days, and often it’s hard to choose which one to go with. There’s no doubt in our minds, however, that if it’s gaming tech you want covered, SilencedTech is someone to seriously consider.

The page is all about shining a light into the best equipment for your setup. From standalone reviews to benchmarks and the awesome “Epic Time Lapse PC Builds” video series, SilencedTech is one of the leading UK tech influencers on YouTube when you want someone that knows their DPI from their contrast displays.

His videos regularly get viewing figures well into the tens of thousands, despite only having 65,000 subscribers. Most importantly, however, he knows his tech, and will give your gear the time and thought it deserves.

Expertise: Gaming, laptops, monitors, PCs, peripherals

Most popular video: Ultimate Cable management Guide, How to Get A Super Clean Gaming Setup

4) PC Centric

PC Centric might be familiar to some of you as the page run by one of TrustedReviews’ peripherals reviewers, Marcus Cole. If not, then you’re in for a treat. Marcus again looks primarily at gaming rigs, covering everything from reviews on mice to PC builds and VR.

The page also has its own dedicated section on laptops and tablets however, and unlike SilencedTech or TechTeamGB, Marcus also looks at the games themselves. Published as review-style videos, he dives into whether a game is worth your time and money. Perfect for both your software and hardware needs. 

Expertise: Gaming, laptops, monitors, PCs, peripherals, tablets

Most popular video: Should You Build Or Buy A Gaming PC?

5) The Tech Chap

None of the UK tech influencers in this list have got particularly cryptic names and the same can be said for The Tech Chap. Since moving on from TrustedReviews as its video editor, The Tech Chap has become an authority on everything from laptops to phones and cameras.

Always beautifully shot and edited, The Tech Chap is regularly uploading review videos on the latest gear. One thing you can rely on The Tech Chap for is his ability to pull in strong figures, with an average engagement of 29.5% and often capable of hitting in excess of 100,000 views. A laptop roundup he uploaded that included our very own ASUS achieved over 960,000 views as of October 2018, showing the potential reach his videos can achieve.

His value really lies however in his features and tech tips. If you’re wondering why exactly the Huawei Mate 20 Lite has 4 cameras, or what Intel Optane Memory really means, visiting this page is a must.

Whether you’re a casual viewer looking for some extra information or on the hunt for an in-depth review, The Tech Chap should be one of the UK tech influencers at the top of your list.

Expertise: Cameras, cars, laptops, PCs, peripherals, phones, tablets

Most popular video: OnePlus 6 Review – Phone of the Year?


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