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Ranieri completes European rebrand to prepare for growth

Date Posted: 11 December, 2018
Ranieri completes European rebrand to prepare for growth

Ranieri, a UK head-quartered European communications agency, today announces a rebrand of the agencies it acquired in 2017; Reflexion Publique in Paris, France, and wildcard communications GmbH in Dusseldorf and Munich, Germany to become fully branded Ranieri agencies. The Reflexion and wildcard brands will no longer be used. The move is part of a wider, three year strategic plan, seeing Ranieri prepare for ambitious growth.

Pietro Ranieri, Founder and Group Managing Director of Ranieri, commented: “We are currently on target and one year into a three-year business plan that will see us reaching 15 million GBP per annum revenue by end of 2020. Current revenue is over 5 million GBP. Rapid growth will be achieved by growing existing clients, new specialist sectors and acquisition.

“The agency already has 55 plus staff and 60 plus retained clients all over Europe. The goal of our expansion is to be able to service our clients across Europe with PR, social media, influencer communications, content, experiential, sponsorship and paid digital services, underpinned by insights-based strategic planning. Many of our current clients are already expanding with us and we are now looking for brands who we can fully service across Europe in our fully owned subsidiaries”.

The 3 steps to achieve these targets:

  1. Organic growth: Maintaining and growing existing clients should be in the DNA of any consultancy based business. Ranieri as an agency has consistently grown year on year and the past acqusitions and service additions have been all about meeting the needs of our clients, helping them grow organically with additional geographies and services.
  2. New specialist sectors: Via acquisition there are a number of specialist sectors appearing within Ranieri. Ranieri DACH has specialist expertise in gaming with current clients including Twitch, Electronic Arts, Wargaming, Anki, Nvidia, Niantic, Asus, amongst many others. As well as this, their Founder Georg Reckenthaler has long-standing heritage in the gaming market, and two senior staff are ex-gaming magazine editors – (the Editor-in-Chief of GameStar, a leading German and European PC games magazine for 20 plus years). From this platform Ranieri is looking to launch a gaming agency brand in 2019.
  3. Acquisition: Ranieri is already in discussions with additional agencies who share its vision and ethos. Ranieri only acquires existing partners or agencies at the top of their game in each territory, so with each acquisition it is adding value to its overall service, not just setting up an outpost.

“At Ranieri our clients and the service we provide for them is our number one priority. We are already a strong agency, but we strive every day to be even better. The rebrand, new services and acquisition facitlitates this goal,” continued Pietro Ranieri.

Ranieri has been at the forefront of consumer technology for nearly 20 years, and up until now has maintained steady growth. It was acquired three years ago by a UK based PLC which has enabled it to start to fulfill its vision of being one of the top communications agencies in Europe. Pietro Ranieri is still very much at the helm and will continue to oversee the growth moving forward.