VIDEO: How to get the most out of influencers at CES, featuring The Tech Chap

Influencers at CES The Tech Chap

CES. The maelstrom that is. Packed with product launches, conferences and endless exhibition halls, there are few, if any, dates in the tech calendar year that are more hectic. It is also arguably the most important event of the year, however, making it essential that consumer tech brands do all they can to nail their time in Vegas.

So, we’ve decided to lend a helping hand and give you some insight into a relatively new feature of trade shows: influencers. For the full lowdown, we caught up with leading UK tech influencer, The Tech Chap, to outline exactly how you can get the most out of influencers at CES.

Topics covered include:

  • The value of working with influencers at CES
  • The difference between working with influencers and press at CES
  • Tips for keeping the coverage rolling post-CES

Watch the full video below.

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