Top UK influencers: 5 of our favourite influencers and the reasons why

As an agency in the consumer tech and lifestyle fields, it’s fair to say that we’ve worked with quite a few of the top UK influencers over the years. From lifestyle campaigns for our audio clients to running influencers taking our sports brands out for a jog, we’ve built up quite a bank of contacts, and like to think of ourselves as fairly ‘in’ with the influencer crowd.

Choosing the right influencers to work with isn’t always cut and dry however. It’s often highly dependent on the specific campaign, event and time of year. There are a number of useful metrics to consider including reach and engagement levels, however contextual fit should always come first to ensure your campaigns come across as authentic.

To give you a head start and provide a little insight into finding the right influencers for your brand, we got the lowdown from our specialist influencer marketing team and have listed below five of the top UK influencers we’ve worked with and why.

The Tech Chap

The Tech Chap is a one stop shop for all things tech. From his Instagram page showcasing the various trips he’s on and products he’s testing, to his guides and reviews on YouTube, he is a font of knowledge for those looking for the best new tech.

We’ve had a relationship with The Tech Chap since his days at TrustedReviews and have run a number of campaigns with him. One of our success stories was when we worked together to create a couple of videos for our client ASUS to showcase its new ZenBook UX490. Including the UX490 both in a roundup of tips for buying a laptop as well as a standalone review, his ability to discuss the tech specs and his style of presenting resulted in positive coverage and over 1,000,000 views to date. In short, a great couple of hits from one of the top UK influencers.

Instagram, YouTube

Helen Anderson

As a client that is regularly organising and sponsoring events, Harman, which is made up of audio brands Harman Kardon, JBL and AKG, requires a lot of creative and varied influencer marketing activity. One influencer that we’ve worked with on several occasions to great success is Helen Anderson.

A lifestyle and beauty blogger, Helen’s style and audience was ideal for JBL to reach the young, fashionable adults the brand resonates with most. Always going above and beyond, her imagery, writing and Instagram stories perfectly captured the vibe from each of the events, and is a prime example of using an influencer that had the style and demographic to get results. Achieving over 15% engagement for her posts on Instagram and YouTube for JBL Snow Party 2018 and tens of thousands of views on her activity at JBL Fest 2017, Helen has proven herself to be a highly valuable asset to the client.


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Crafty Gentleman

When considering influencers for our client Cricut, a company that produces a range of cutting machines for crafting, we needed to make sure we worked with someone that fitted the brand and would be passionate about the product range. The Crafty Gentleman not only appealed instantly due to the style of his pages, but his love for getting creative would develop enthusiasm for Cricut among his audience.

His ongoing work with Cricut has led to a number of social media and blog posts and he has become a great ambassador for the brand, expertly using his Cricut Maker to inspire his audience. He continues to be everything that a great influencer should be; not just an excellent content creator, but a real asset for the client.

Blog, Instagram

Ben Parkes

For our client AfterShokz, a US-based, bone conduction headphones company, the London Marathon in April is one of the key events of the year. Knowing we needed to build some momentum for the brand ahead of the 2018 marathon, we decided that running two influencer campaigns alongside one another was the way to go (more on that here). For the Instagram element of the campaign, we decided to use runner/PT/coach Ben Parkes.

With a demographic targeted very specifically towards runners and as an influencer with a rapidly growing following, Ben not only produced great content across his blog and Instagram around the London Marathon, achieving an engagement rate of 9.2% on his Instagram post,  but he has also carried on promoting AfterShokz, using his headphones regularly on runs and featuring them in his Instagram stories. He has since taken part in campaigns for brands such as Air NZ, though continues to be a great ambassador for our client, making the whole campaign feel all the more genuine.

Blog, Instagram, YouTube

Alice Liveing 

When Harman came to us requiring an event to promote the launch of their new JBL Under Armour Heart Rate sports headphones, we knew we needed to find a range of influencers that spoke to JBL’s young demographic while also able to highlight the fitness benefits of the product. Among those we invited to the event at Ministry Does Fitness was someone widely regarded as one of the top UK influencers, Alice Liveing.

With a large and engaged following plus her work as a personal trainer, Alice was not only the perfect fit, but she also shared her workout and advice with her Instagram followers as a post and on her stories. On-brand and  wracking up nearly 2,000 interactions on her Instagram post, her enthusiasm sold the new product and event as a whole to her audience, and her know-how means she was a trusted ambassador for the brand. Size isn’t always everything, though for this specific influencer marketing activity, Alice had both the following and the creativity to deliver.



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