Social Media 2020 Round Up

During 2020, Generation Z showed us all just how quickly digital communication possibilities can be realised.  It was this generation that led the way with creativity and setting the benchmark in maintaining social contact throughout face to face restrictions.

TikTok contributed significantly in changing the status quo of social media. User numbers have risen sharply, but problems regarding data protection and censorship remain. Nevertheless, brands like Hollister and American Eagle have launched successful campaigns with TikTok. Enter, Instagram Reels, another competitor to market who has partially adapted the TikTok concept.

According to the Edelmann Trust Barometer, many consumers see brands as having a duty to help solve the crisis and the expectation that companies need to make their position public through social media. Social is also being used extensively for core communication and for brands, this offers the chance to be a supporter and bridge builder.

An even further boost to e-Commerce came with the newly introduced Facebook Stores, making it possible to shop on Instagram and Facebook in-app without having to load an external website. This offers users an easier shopping experience and makes spontaneous purchases more accessible.

The possibility of communication on Pinterest has been underestimated so far, especially for creative brands it is possible to advertise on the platform at low cost and to address the right target group.

Podcasts, which were marginal a few years ago, have become a real trend in 2020 with a dramatic increase in both content and audience listener numbers.

Also for 2021, we’ll be keeping an eye on the way user-generate content is created. Remixing is on the rise through apps like TikTok or Koji. Taking existing formats, templates or ideas and recreating them to express a user’s own personality or ideas.  We fully expect brands to use this opportunity to engage with new audiences and create additional content for their brand.

We will also be monitoring community-focused activity. Groups and building a community around a brand will become more prominent as businesses struggle to learn new ways of doing things.

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