Life as an influencer

At Ranieri Agency we work closely with a huge repository of Influencers from all over Europe. We even have our very own rating and recommendation platform, TRIX – The Ranieri Influencer Index.

TRIX is able to analyse, rate, compare, recommend and monitor Influencers suitability. Based on over 80 individual pieces of criteria, it can also offer comparability between campaigns, relationship building between brands and influencers and adaptability to customise searches to suit any criteria.

A part of an in-depth look at effective collaborations between influencers and brands, we invited mariercvy to participate in our Influencer Q&A.

Q: Please introduce yourself to our readers. Who are you and what inspires you most? Where do your ideas for content come from?

I am Marie, a doctor and sportswoman from the Ruhr area of Germany. In the beginning, it was all about running. I wanted to share my experience of the most wonderful sport in the world! I realised that to be totally authentic, I needed to share more about me and who I am. Gradually, political views, self-love and veganism came into the feed. It is never my intention to convert anyone to my way of thinking, I simply want to inform and encourage reflection. Is my Dream job a full- time influencer?  For me, certainly not! I work as a doctor and do so with all of my heart. But if I can turn my hobby into a side profession and inspire others to live a more active, healthier and sustainable lifestyle, then I am very happy.

Q:  In your experience, which is the best channel to reach your followers and how long have you been active?

I have been on Instagram for almost three years. I have always enjoyed modeling and photography and an image led platform really appealed to me. I believe that any platform can work if you know how to use it properly.

Q: How does your content / account differs from others

I believe that my followers know that I am always honest with them. No Photoshop, no perfect world. I know myself how much it can affect you when you compare yourself to all those perfect influencers and their seemingly perfect lives. My goal is to show my followers my normal everyday madness, so they can see that nobody is perfect, always in a good mood or without worries. I want to show that it’s not the six-pack or the fastest 10k that counts, but what makes us happy. I am authentic and it resonates with my followers.

Q:  Are you regularly approached by companies and/or have your own relationships. Or, do influencer marketing campaigns dominate?

I am not a huge fan of one-off collaborations. If I like a company, then I promote it with full conviction. If a company appreciates my work, then it does so permanently. I am sure that followers perceive a long-term partnership as much more authentic, which in turn makes for such a much more successful partnership.

Q: How has the collaboration between brands and influencers like you developed over time?

Many companies have optimized their processes and concepts over time, others are still operating as they did three years ago. There have always been, and always will be, inappropriate enquiries but more importantly brilliant partnerships out there with inspirational brands and people.

Q: Are there any improvements that could be made between brands and influencers?

A main contact person always proves to be a great advantage, as well as regular contact even outside of launches or special campaigns.

Q: Is there a common mistake made by companies in dealing with and communicating with influencers?

It is embarrassing if you receive a mass mail where the sender has obviously not spent much time at all looking at the profile of the influencer. A little research is good from for both sides.

Q: How do you stay on top of developments, such as disclosure of co-operations, DSGVO or others?

I am in constant contact with other influencers and read relevant publications.

Q: What is your secret recipe for remaining authentic and credible as an influencer?

Never prioritise the number of likes and followers above your content. Once you become aware that your followers don’t expect perfection, stress is alleviated and again, allows you to be. More authentic.. Furthermore, it is your right to express your opinion and if anyone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to follow you.

Q: Tip to your younger self: What advice to the following generations would you offer?

Stand up for your future, the future of our planet and your fellow human beings. You are responsible!