4 consumer tech brands on Instagram nailing their content

Consumer tech brands on Instagram

In case you missed it, something recently happened to Instagram that only a few tech companies could previously claim. Yep, that’s right; Instagram is now a noun. Not only that, but Instagrammable has also been entered in the US dictionary as an adjective. The platform with a billion monthly active users is continuing to go from strength to strength.

The only reason Instagram has been able to grow into the monster it is however is because of the content its users are posting. From Kardashian updates to IGTV videos, it has well and truly achieved the aim of its former founders, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, and turned its users into bona fide camera pros. Well, nearly all of us anyway.

The usefulness of Instagram for brands has also played a huge part in this, as anyone following the likes of Nike or Airbnb will know only too well.

For a little inspo to help get your own page up to scratch, check out four of our favourite consumer tech brands on Instagram below that have recently been catching our eye.

1) GoPro

We know, we’ve mentioned GoPro on more than one occasion, but we just love its Instagram account. Drawing on its massive follower base of 14.3 million Instagramers, GoPro’s page looks like a traveller’s dream. From Piemonte to Hawaii and Valencia, it works wonders in presenting the brand as the aspirational adventurer’s companion. And with an average engagement rate of 1.5%, way above the industry average suggested by Photoslurp, it’s clearly delivering exactly what it’s audience wants..

GoPro doesn’t just post photos however. Its stories regularly feature takeovers by influencers on the road, resulting in engaging content that consolidates its position as an exciting company.

It hasn’t taken long to grab IGTV by the scruff of the neck either and has already uploaded some pretty awesome longer-form video content. It’s true that IGTV hasn’t quite hit the heights many of us hoped for in terms of numbers, but GoPro is an example of where the format has been used to produce some seriously eye-catching footage.

Check out its ‘Freediving with Tiger Sharks’ for an intro to its IGTV content.

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Walking through a fairyland with #GoProHERO7 Black #FeaturedPhotographer @travisburkephotography + #GoProFamily member @brinkleydavies. ? • “While traveling on a small boat through mangrove forests and thick jungles, we arrived at a spot called ‘Mirror Lake’. I had a vision to capture an underwater image within the branches of a fallen tree, and I knew I needed a tall frame to make it happen. So, I took a deep breath and dove down with my #GoProHERO7 Black shooting vertically in .5 Second Time Lapse Photo Mode. By having the GoPro shoot every half second, it gave me plenty of options for which framing worked best for both the composition and Brinkley’s position while she walked along the branch. Diving down as monkeys sat and watched us from the branches above only added to the magic and mysticism. Open up your mind and the possibilities are endless.” – @travisburkephotography • • • #GoPro #GoProTravel #UnderwaterPhotography #FreeDiving

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2) SteelSeries

We love this Instagram page from one of the major players in gaming peripherals and eSports. With photos that pop out of the screen and a really cool tone of voice, it’s hard not to just keep scrolling through the seemingly endless number of product and lifestyle shots.

Boasting an average engagement rate of 1.9%, its content is obviously resonating with its followers, and it’s easy to see why.

What really makes SteelSeries stand out though is, in a fairly similar way to GoPro, the way it utilises its user generated content. Its regular posts of fan setups is always a winner, showing off the beautiful design of the products and the inventiveness of its audience in one fell swoop. For a taster, check out this gorgeous #pcsetup from June.

Its ‘Glorious’ campaign, where it uploads videos users have sent in of their ‘most (or least) glorious in-game clips’, is also a bit of fun that highlights the wonderful community SteelSeries can clearly boast.

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3) Intel

Okay, so when we’re talking about the best examples of Instagram for brands, Intel might not jump out as a likely company to have it nailed. Its commitment to ‘bringing amazing experiences to our worldwide audience’ however means its page is full of content designed to blow your mind. Much more than ‘that company that fits your laptops with things’, Intel in reality works with everything from drones to VR, and this is reflected on its Instagram to great effect.

Bringing to life the Duane Flatmo fire-breathing sculpture and the partnership this year at the US Open with Fox Sports, ATT, Ericsson and Fox Innovation Lab, there’s plenty here to gawk at, even for those of us that aren’t total tech heads.

Intel even posted a cool slideshow for its 50th birthday, highlighting the impact it has had on the industry and some of its major achievements (powering NASA’s first space shuttle, creating a computer to give Stephen Hawking a voice. You know, little things like that.

One of the most inspiring consumer tech brands on Instagram, all we have to say is: bravo, Intel. Bravo.

4) Cricut

Before we finish, we couldn’t help but shine a light on one of our own clients, Cricut.

If you’ve ever had the urge to put your crafting skills to the test, whether that’s upcycling clothes or working on some funky new wall art, then Cricut likely isn’t a new name to you. Making a range of cutting machines and other accessories, they’ve been one of our clients for a number of years now. In that time, its UK Instagram page has grown into a home for anyone looking for a little design inspiration and advice.

Regularly posting user generated content has particularly helped develop Cricut’s social community, with inspirational posts of users’ crafting setups doing particularly well. Our crafter of the month initiative, for example, where we highlight someone that’s really impressed us, gives an opportunity to showcase projects from brand advocates.

With the aim of raising awareness for Cricut on social media, our increase in followers by 80% and total engagements by over 500% between January and September 2018 is proof of the value of getting your audience involved.

Combining the user generated uploads with consistent, themed posts such as the below have helped turn Cricut’s UK Instagram page into an account people can rely on for inspirational and engaging content.


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