What its really like to be an influencer

At Ranieri Agency, we work closely with a huge repository of Influencers from all over Europe. We even have our very own rating and recommendation platform, TRIX – The Ranieri Influencer Index.

TRIX is able to analyse, rate, compare, recommend and monitor Influencers suitability. Based on over 80 individual pieces of criteria, it can also offer comparability between campaigns, relationship building between brands and influencers and adaptability to customise searches to suit any criteria.

A part of an in-depth look at effective collaborations between influencers and brands, we invited runfit_nora to participate in our Influencer Q&A. As well as being one of our favourite influencers to work with, she is a great example of an authentic sports mindset. With over 30,000 followers, she is able to deliver both reach and engaging content to a loyal audience.


  1. Dream job Influencer? Please introduce yourself to our readers – who are you and what inspires you most about your topics? Where do your ideas for content come from?

Hello dear ones, my name is Nora and I live in the small but nice European country, Luxembourg. Being an influencer is not necessarily my dream job, but a beautiful dream hobby which I can combine with my other passion, sports. I hope to motivate people to do more exercise and feel good. I find inspiration rather spontaneously and I am not one to necessarily one who plans or prescribes my posts.

  1. In your experience, which is the best channel to reach your followers and how long have you been active?

Personally, I use Instagram as my single dominant channel. It takes a lot of time and care to do it properly, so I stick with one account, especially as I’m balancing a job and family life. I like taking photos, editing and writing about them. Instagram offers me the ideal space for that. I’ve been active for 4 years now and over the past 2 years, its grown much more than I ever thought it would!

  1. How does your content / account differs from others?

Overall, we are a great running community with so many inspiring characters and great athletes. I think perhaps I may be a bit more direct sometimes and publish  even when things didn’t go so well.

  1. Are you regularly approached by companies and/or have your own relationships. Or, do influencer marketing campaigns dominate?

I prefer relationships with longevity, especially when I really like a product. Don’t change a winning formula. Nothing is more rewarding than growing together. getting to know the people in the organisation and living the philosophy of a company.

  1. How has the cooperation between brands and influencers like you developed over time?

There was nothing for a long time and I didn’t think about it. Then came Aftershokz and we must have done something right at some point. That was a real booster.

  1. What would you suggest could improve cooperation between brands and influencers?

Communication is the key. Always. Then it usually works really well!

  1. Is there a common mistake made by companies in dealing with and communicating with influencers? What should the approach look like? What should the company pay particular attention to before starting collaborations with influencers?

Yes! For example, I consistently refuse any requests where you first have to buy something, with or without discount. Not interested. Also, pressure is not an appropriate motivational technique.

  1. How do you stay on top of developments, such as disclosure of co-operations, DSGVO or others?

Yes, it’s always good to read everything beforehand and not to publish content from other people completely carelessly. Personally I’ve had no problems so far.

  1. What is your secret formula for remaining authentic and credible as an influencer?

Stay yourself. Be honest, kind and strong with your decisions.

  1. Tip to your younger self: What advice to the following generations would you offer?

To my younger self: Don’t eat the fries that have fallen into the expired mayonnaise.

To the next generation: Remember you have an offline existence, take care of it and don’t take yourself too seriously :).

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