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Looking to work with health and fitness influencers? Here are our recommendations

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More of us are making the most of the lighter evenings and warmer weather to get outside and get fit. This makes it a great time for brands in the health and fitness space to attract new customers. If done right, working with influencers can be an extremely effective way for companies to target this particular consumer audience.

Many fitness influencers have built large, highly engaged communities of followers. And there is an influencer for everything from marathon running, to yoga, to wellness.

With a number of clients in this space, we’ve collaborated with many health and fitness influencers over the years. Here’s our latest top 3 list for running, nutrition and men’s wellness.

1) Running influencers – Runner Beans

Charlie is a marathon runner and fitness junkie from London. Apparently, not a natural runner, she truly believes anyone can run a marathon.

Made up of 67% women, half of Charlie’s audience is within the age range of 25-34. Popular hashtags from her audience include #running #run #runner #fitfam.

Having worked with Charlie for a number of years with our client AfterShokz, we’ve built a highly successful, long-term partnership with her. As a result, she has hosted a number of successful Twitter and Instagram take-overs for us.


2) Fitness and nutrition influencers – Tallyrye

A PT+ instructor, Tally’s content combines fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing. With the aim to educate, empower and inspire, she also runs the fantastic #GirlGains podcast.

With 63% based of her audience based in the UK, it is also made up of 92% women. Popular audience hashtags include: #balance #healthyeating #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle

Based on her followers and affinity with the brand, our client JBL invited Tally to attend the Surf World Cup. Check out the video here.


3) Men’s Wellness influencers – Tim Shieff

A twice world free-running champion, Tim’s channels have a strong focus on wellness and mindfulness. To date, he has secured over 32,605,000 views on his YouTube channel.

The majority of Tim’s audience (63%) is made up of women and is mainly within the 25-34 age range.

Due to his interests, content and audience, we felt he was the perfect fit for our client Muse and its recently launched meditation headset. Tim not only filmed a review of the headset, but he also took it away with him on holiday,  where he focused on how the product could provide real benefits to him and his audience. He added clear value to our partnership and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

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