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Hot from the press: Tips from key UK media on securing coverage at IFA 2018

Date Posted: 7 August, 2018
Hot from the press: Tips from key UK media on securing coverage at IFA 2018

IFA 2018 is a key date for consumer tech brands looking to make an impact this calendar year. The difficulty, however, is cutting through the noise. Every tech company and their Aibo will be there, and making your voice heard is no mean feat.

We’ve already put together our top five tips to help prepare for the show, though there’s no better place to hear it than from the press themselves. From sorting your pre-briefings to hosting media, we’ve nailed down what our key contacts suggest for securing coverage at IFA 2018.

Info, info, info

Getting journalists information early is essential to ensuring articles go live during the show. Time on the floor is precious, and getting your press releases and product information in the right hands before everything kicks off helps secure coverage.

“In simple terms – info,info,info’’, advises Chris Martin, the reviews editor at Tech Advisor. ‘’Details under embargo, pre-briefs etc. If we only find out about a product at the show it makes it a lot harder to cover. If we know ahead of time we can plan coverage”.

James Stables, director and co-founder of The Ambient and Wareable, adds: “One of the best things brands can do is plan ahead with coverage. IFA is a busy time when we’re trying to get hands on with products, so knowing ahead of the show is helpful. Send stuff under NDA so news can be written by teams back at base, and then (if interesting) it can be added to lists for team members at the show’”.

Set up your pre-briefings

An easy way to make sure your information is out there is by organising pre-briefings. “We’re big fans of pre-briefings”, says Guy Cocker, global brand director at Stuff. ‘’There are some brands that are doing them and that allows us to get ahead of the news at the show”.

It isn’t just typical press that require the information ahead of time. Tom Honeyands, host and owner of the tech YouTube page The Tech Chap, explains: “Pre-briefs are so useful, whether it’s a hands-on with the product or at the least an under NDA spec sheet so we know what to expect”.

The message for consumer tech brands is clear; getting your information out there early, ideally via pre-briefings, is a must to securing coverage at IFA 2018.

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Host your key media at the show

There are no two ways about it; taking out press and influencers is proving increasingly important for brands at IFA. “Press trips still do work as well”, says Guy. “They mean that we allocate time for that brand and probably see more of their products than we do of other brands”.

With so many consumer tech companies at IFA 2018, and more and more of them taking media out, it’s essential you’re hosting your own key contacts at the show to guarantee coverage.

As a minimum, your PR team should be setting up meetings with press to make sure you get your new products in the right hands.

Consider the needs of the press

Providing information ahead of time isn’t necessarily enough to get your products covered at IFA 2018. You need to think about exactly what it is the media will need to publish the content, from the necessary copy to the right photos. Otherwise, your pitches will simply be filed away as filler.

Kieran Alger, freelance journalist for a range of titles including TechRadar and Wareable as well as co-founder of content marketing agency BlueJam, says: “For me the most important thing is to have given decent consideration to how, where and why your product belongs in the publication or on the website. Right down to the section, what the copy might look like and what photos might be needed to make it easy. Help the writers sell it in to their editors”.

Catering for the needs of the press isn’t second nature, and requires an understanding of the industry. Make sure you are consulted properly by a specialist tech PR agency to get the UK media exactly what they require to cover your brand.

Keep your press office running

Despite the overwhelming focus on the floor at IFA 2018, ignore the team back in the UK at your peril. They will be the ones writing up the majority of the articles, and need keeping in the loop throughout.

Guy again emphasises this point: “Don’t forget about the team covering the show back home. They’ll still be wanting to cover products from London, and will be much more on top of their inboxes”.

So what are the key takeaways from all of this for consumer tech brands? In short, preparing your information and getting it in the right hands ahead of time is essential. There’s no time to kick back once the show gets underway however – having an active PR team to manage requests is just as necessary to make sure you secure plenty of coverage at IFA 2018.  


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