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The Ranieri Summit 2018: Key points from our time in Barcelona

Date Posted: 26 June, 2018
The Ranieri Summit 2018: Key points from our time in Barcelona

For those paying close attention to the goings on at Ranieri over the past year, you may have noticed that it’s nearly nine months since our last summit. This year, we flew out to Barcelona for two days of both internal and external presentations aiming to develop our core values as a Ranieri agency.

Expanding into Spain and Germany in the last year and now boasting agencies in disciplines such as video production and sponsorship, the Ranieri Summit 2018 was also an opportunity to further clarify what we offer as an integrated communications agency. Below, we’ve picked out a few key discussion points from our time in the sun.

The importance of being multi-disciplinary

A key focus of the summit was discussing the range of services we offer to clients. Over the years, Ranieri has developed an expertise in PR, influencer marketing, content marketing and digital in the consumer tech and lifestyle fields so that we can provide a collated service for our clients and prospects.

A great example of our integration is the influencer scorecard, a platform that provides influencer insight. Although specific to Germany right now, this is something that will then be rolled out and improve our offering as a collective.

As mentioned above, our acquisitions of new agencies have also allowed us to integrate a greater range of skills into the agency. Additions such as Slingshot, a UK-based sponsorship company, represent a separate service that compliments those already available to Ranieri. The Ranieri Summit 2018 was key in helping us realise these services and exactly how we can package them up for clients.

What a multi-country package really means 

In addition to the range of skills we have been adding to our arsenal, we have also expanded into new territories. As well as France, we now have teams in Spain and Germany with experience in B2B and B2C consumer tech and lifestyle communications. More than just a UK consumer tech agency, the Summit highlighted our capabilities as an agency with a larger European reach.

Alongside the fact that integrating additional countries allows for a more consistent and connected service, the presentations from each country also highlighted the potential for greater information sharing. Brands such as FilmStruck and AfterShokz are examples of clients we are already running across multiple countries, with multiple services also involved.

The ability to properly integrate into a client’s business

Everything that goes into becoming an integrated communications agency essentially leads to this point. The keynote presentation from Craig Hepburn, the current Global Vice President Digital for Tata Communications and previous Global Director of Consumer Engagement for Microsoft, discussed in part the need for modern agencies to be able to understand their clients and continue to be proactive, both of which are key if an agency is to integrate into a client’s business. Becoming an extra arm to a brand is always the end goal, and key to our work as an integrated communications agency.

Flexibility in working for both challenger and champion brands

As an agency, we have worked for brands ranging from Kickstarters to companies dominating their fields. Whether it be ASUS, AfterShokz or EA, we have the experience to handle both those looking to break into the market, and those that need to maintain their lofty status. The summit not only emphasised this experience across the group, but also that as a collective we can deliver a great service no matter the client.

Key to this is our ability to connect internally and offer a multi-disciplinary and multi-country service, meaning that we can appropriate resources from country to country to cater to our clients’ needs. There’s no blanket approach, and this flexibility is key for us in being able to work for clients both large and small.

Getting that internal communication on point

There are certainly worse ways to develop internal relationships than spending two days together in Barcelona, though the importance of being able to work together as an agency shouldn’t be understated. Between listening/presenting talks to dinner out and drinks on the roof, Barcelona helped reinforce those bonds beyond the day to day of work and really unify us as a group. Not only improving the work we can do for clients, it also makes us much stronger as an agency and a healthier place to work for everyone at Ranieri.


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