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How fit are you for IFA 2018? Here are our top 5 tips to help you prepare for the show

Date Posted: 6 July, 2018
How fit are you for IFA 2018? Here are our top 5 tips to help you prepare for the show

Alongside CES in January, IFA is one of the biggest consumer tech shows in the world and certainly the largest in Europe. Last year saw the unveiling of products ranging from the Fitbit Ionic, the Nest Thermostat E and JBL’s Boombox, which is reflective of the calibre of companies exhibiting.

At such a high-profile event, it’s key that brands get their preparation right. With over 15 IFAs under our belt at Ranieri, we’ve seen both the good and the bad at the show and have helped bands manage everything from simple announcements to multiple launches and press conferences. To give you a head start, we’ve put together five top tips to help you prepare for IFA 2018 with two months to go.

1) Hosting media and influencers

Once upon a time, you could set up your stand at a show and the press would come. No more, as journalists and influencers are increasingly being hosted by brands, meaning they have little time to talk to anyone else. If you’re serious about getting some great coverage during the show, then you need to think about hosting key media too. This means taking care of their flights, accommodation, beer and a decent Berlin bratwurst.

The same goes for influencers; if you want the exposure, you need to book them in before another brand nabs them.

Tip: Decide who you want to be hosting and sort your invitations early.

2) NDA sell-ins

With so much ground to cover in so little time, getting your information over to the press before they even hit the floors in Germany is essential. This point was emphasised by Guy Cocker, global brand director for Stuff Magazine, when we spoke to him about CES, and it’s just as key as you prepare for IFA 2018.

Tip: Get all of your releases ready ahead of time and know both your own and your competitors’ stories by heart.

3) Plan your social campaign

Organising your space on the show floor is no longer enough. With the rest of the world keeping tabs on events via the endless Twitter streams and Insta shots, organising a campaign on social media to amplify your presence in Germany is a must.

Jumping on relevant hashtags is an easy place to start, though to really make some noise you need to get a full plan in place, including any videos or imagery, ahead of time. ASUS’ Twitter feed from IFA last year is a good example of how to execute a simple, consistent yet effective campaign.

Tip: Plan the content properly and in advance for IFA 2018, from hashtag usage to live video casting for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Even spontaneous vox pops and visits from influencers at your booth need prep time.

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4) Get your press office sorted

As important as seeding information into press under NDA is, you still need a solid PR team on the ground to manage requests and news that goes live while the show is on. In the rush to be first out with the latest news, journalists require immediate answers to questions, so you need someone ready to field them and strike while the iron’s hot.

The aftermath will also require a good press office to ensure a smooth product reviews process to really round off your IFA 2018 as a success.

Tip: Decide if you want to book electronic press pidgeon holes and have your media kit available, with meeting times allotted for your speakers at the show.

5) Book a space at the ShowStoppers event

ShowStoppers is ‘the official media reception of IFA’ and the first point where you can introduce your brand to the press. Although mainly an opportunity to get in-front of the media from mainland Europe (only a few UK journalists attend but plenty from Germany), it is a less hectic place to arrange interviews and position your announcement to the media. This year it will be held on 30th August from 6-9pm.

Tip: For the best media coverage, organise your space at ShowStoppers early and make sure you have a strong press team to ensure the press visit your stand.


If you’re attending IFA 2018 and looking for help preparing, let us know!

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