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Looking back at our favourite Christmas campaign ideas

Date Posted: 27 November, 2018
Looking back at our favourite Christmas campaign ideas

Christmas; a time of over-eating, over-drinking and over-TV-watching, if that’s such a thing. Sitting on the sofa, tucking into a roast and sleeping for at least 10 hours a day. Heaven.

Anyone that’s watched a John Lewis ad or caught Saint Nick on TV dressed in red with a bottle of coke in his hand, however, knows that Christmas also means some of the best communications campaigns all year. Brands desperate to make the most out of people’s good cheer and get them to spend their cash all in one go, and the result is often a highlight of the marketing year.

So, for anyone keen to rekindle the fuzzy warm glow of yesteryear, we’ve listed some of our favourite Christmas campaign ideas from consumer tech brands that really got our jingle bells ringing.

Garmin: Carol of the Bells (2006)

Garmin’s 2006 campaign is often remembered for one thing; its reimagining of ‘Carol of the Bells’.

It divided opinion somewhat, but at Ranieri, we still love it. Made up of a series of videos that showcased Garmin’s GPS range helping people that were lost, the Christmas campaign combined a hilarious and memorable visual/audio piece of content with a direct link to the benefits of Garmin’s products.

Even though the song itself wasn’t loved unanimously, it certainly managed to create a good deal of noise around the campaign and helped get Garmin’s GPS capabilities out to the masses.

Canon: #selfieless campaign (2016)

Leveraging the concept of goodwill, Canon challenged its audience to go #selfieless back in 2016 with one of our favourite Christmas social media ideas. The task? Turn the camera away from yourself, and upload a photo of someone else carrying out a selfless act with the hashtag #selfieless.

Canon also donated one million Euros to the Red Cross to further promote its core message of being selfless around Christmas. As Lee Bonniface, marketing director of Canon Europe, said at the time: “The festive season is a time for giving back. A small act of kindness can make a huge impact, especially at Christmas. It seemed fitting to invite people to use their cameras to share a feeling of goodwill this year. It is the most photographed time of the year after all.”

One of the most memorable Christmas campaign ideas, Canon’s 2016 effort was enough to put a smile on the face of even the biggest of Scrooges.

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Logitech: Christmas Countdown (2016)

Ready to get the Party Season started? ??Keep an eye out for our #PartyCollection Christmas Countdown for your chance to WIN our entire wireless Party Collection family!

Posted by Logitech on Sunday, November 20, 2016

Logitech’s 2016 Christmas campaign is another of those Christmas social media ideas you can’t help but love.

Focussing on its Party Collection of mice, the consumer tech brand decided to create a series of assets based on the Party Collection’s designs, accompanied by a question for its audience, which it would post on its social pages. For example, one of the designs is made up of a mass collection of flamingo images, and so the question was focussed on guessing the amount of flamingos. Get it?

Anyway, each week the brand would then post a follow up animation announcing the winner, who would win, you guessed it, one of the Party Collection mice. Reeling in an engagement rate of 5.81%, it’s a visually engaging campaign that helped drive the new range in the run up to Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy: Unwrap The Feels (2017)

Samsung went straight for the feels with its 2017 Christmas campaign. Promoting its Gear VR device, the brand showcased the reactions of different people as they try it out for Christmas. Ranging from fear to wonder, the video content plays into the excitement people get from both giving and receiving presents at Christmas.

To give the campaign an extra boost, Samsung also set up a social media sweepstake for people to win a Galaxy S7 Edge and Gear VR. To enter, users had to simply tag a friend on Twitter with the hashtags #GalaxyS7edge, #GearVR and #sweepstakes, with a few words on why that person deserves to win.

Tapping into the gift of giving at Christmas, Samsung’s campaign showed a softer side to the consumer tech giant just in time for the festive period.


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