The brief

California-based maker of wearable and smart home products founded by Sonny Vu and John Sculley (former CEO of Apple and Pepsi), came to Ranieri to launch the Misfit Shine, its first activity tracker, into the UK.

Case study header image
Case study header image

Our approach

Our aim was simply to get the Misfit Shine into the hands of as many journalists as possible.

This was achieved through a series of media briefings with top tier titles from the national, health & fitness, consumer and tech sectors, alongside an all- encompassing product reviews programme.

In addition, we placed Sonny and John for interviews with leading media including the BBC, The Telegraph and Stuff Online, where they were able to position the brand and provide their take on the industry.

Our results

Met with 24 publications over two days from a mix of nationals, lifestyle and technology press

Over 250 pieces of coverage were achieved for the Shine launch, including BBC Online, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Stuff, Cosmo Body, Men’s Fitness and CNET

In total, a potential audience of over 150 million was reached

According to the company’s exclusive UK distributor, Misfit became a top three fitness tracker brand alongside Fitbit and Jawbone as a result of the PR campaign