The brief

Maximise the opportunity for all of Ranieri’s clients’ products to be featured in Christmas gift guides.

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The top line

45 top tier journalists attended from national, tech and lifestyle sectors including Stuff, Pocket-lint, BTEKT, Gizmodo,V3,The Inquirer, Computer Shopper and Expert Reviews to name a few.

Publication reach of 95,823,009

“There was some interesting stuff there. Thanks for the lovely cocktails too.” Trusted Reviews

As a result of all Christmas outreach, Ranieri generated over 400 pieces of seasonal coverage

What did we do?

Ranieri organised a Christmas Cocktail event in a central London bar in October.

An evening event, Ranieri showcased products from approximately 15 clients to a number of press working on seasonal features from national, tech and lifestyle publications.

Similar to a mini exhibition, clients’ products were set up around the room so that journalists could get hands-on.

Ranieri representatives were responsible for talking about and demonstrating the products. Journalists were invited to enter a prize draw and the first 30 to arrive were given a goody bag.