The brief

AfterShokz, a US-based, bone conduction headphones company, was relying on us to increase awareness of its next generation, open ear headphones, Trekz Air. Having already secured lots of press coverage, we needed to deliver a campaign using different channels to make an impact.

Case study header image
Case study header image

The top line

Total direct engagements on AfterShokz social posting around the takeovers:


Total impressions from activity around the takeovers:


New followers on Twitter and Instagram since the takeovers began:

Over 1,500 new followers across both platforms

What did we do?

Recognising that AfterShokz has an engaged running social community and with the London Marathon fast approaching, we decided to set up two separate social media campaigns.

The first of our campaigns was with UK Run Chat, the UK’s most popular online running community. We organised a partnership on Twitter and a three-month campaign where we hosted a takeover each month on the brand’s channel, giving us exposure to over 50,000 of its followers.

To spread the word even further and get some expert advice on board, we also hired two influencers (ManvMiles and The Runner Beans) and a distance runner for England (Aaron Scott) to host the takeovers via the AfterShokzUK Twitter page.

Not content with just doing the Twitter activity, we arranged an Instagram campaign with runner Ben Parkes. For those that don’t know, Ben is a coach and athlete who recently caught our eye due to his great content and growing social following.

Ben was handed the reins of the AfterShokzUK Instagram page for a day at the London Marathon Expo, where he chatted to followers and handed out top tips on running the upcoming race.

Finally, we gifted several headphones to ambassadors from UK Run Chat and England Athletics, who AfterShokz have an official partnership with.

All this activity is part of our larger year-long #BeOpen campaign, a tagline AfterShokz uses regularly on its social channels and reflects the unique bone conduction tech of the headphones.