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4 standout UK tech influencers on Instagram

Date Posted: 4 December, 2018
4 standout UK tech influencers on Instagram

YouTube is often seen as the primary domain of the tech influencer. How to guides, unboxing videos, reviews; YouTube just lends itself so well for a deep-dive into the tech. In recent years, however, we’ve been witness to the rise of a slightly different beast: tech influencers on Instagram.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know that tech journos and influencers have long been using Instagram in some form. The shift is in the focus on Instagram as a legitimate social media platform for tech users to promote their content. The introduction of longer 60-second videos in 2016, as well as the growing lifestyle tint, has meant Instagram has become a standalone source of great content by tech influencers.

There are specific benefits of working with tech influencers on Instagram. If brands are looking for influencers that can produce high-quality content that focusses on the tech itself, then lifestyle influencers aren’t always the way to go. Tech influencers, meanwhile, have the expertise and audience to promote your gear to a more tech-savvy crowd.

If we haven’t convinced you yet of the benefits to using tech influencers on Instagram, here are four pieces of eye-catching content from some of the UK’s top influencers. 

1) GadgetsBoy

GadgetsBoy, aka Tomi, is as lifestyle as Instagram tech influencers get. His feed is one beautiful landscape after another, and he has previously been featured in the Saturday Times styling for Burton. Make no mistake however; this guy is one of the leading tech influencers on Instagram.

Previously the tech editor at Unilad, Tomi approaches everything from a consumer tech angle. Whether it’s taking breath-taking shots from the latest phone or driving a sweet new ride, his Instagram is underpinned by his love for and deep understanding of the latest gadgets.

This combination is perfectly captured in Tomi’s content around the Audi Q3. The stunning photos snap him driving it in Italy, elevating the luxury associated with the car and a notable example of the aspirational content traditional tech influencers can produce.

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2) GadgetsJon 

There aren’t many tech influencers on Instagram that take a better photo than GadgetsJon, aka Jon Devo. Having written for several consumer tech titles previously, such as TrustedReviews and Amateur Photographer, he often travels with Tomi and updates his Instagram feed with a never-ending stream of those sweet, sweet shots. Officially part of the GadgetsBoy brand, his own content means he is also an Instagram tech influencer worth mentioning on his own terms.

A camera man first and foremost, Jon does venture into mobile, though most of his content comes from a longer lense. His shot above, which is one of three from his Sony Alpha, of his visit to Norway is a prime example of the kind of content this guy can create.

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3) Supersaf

Supersaf is almost all about phones. This guy really, really loves a mobile. With over 150,000 followers on Instagram, it seems like a lot of people also like to see him posting about his favourite hand-held devices.

A mix of selfies, events and product shots, Supersaf’s Instagram page highlights the latest mobile trends to his audience. What particularly caught our eye however was his highlights feed of comparison shots between the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone XS Max.

Running a series of images taken by each phone followed by a public poll, it was a really useful feed that helped those among us unable to fork out the money on insight into how the two shape up. Here’s to hoping he’ll do another series soon, just so we know what to stick on our Christmas list.

To watch Supersaf’s reel of comparison shots, check them out here.

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4) Mrwhosetheboss 

According to his bio, Mrwhosetheboss is the ‘UK’s largest Tech YouTuber’. That may be the case, but more important here is that he also has an enviable Instagram feed crammed with high-end tech.

You get the vibe of the page from Mrwhosetheboss’, aka Arun Maini, story highlights. Divided into ‘Lifestyle’, ‘YouTube’ and ‘Unboxings’, the feed is primarily product-focussed, covering events and new launches, as well as various shots out and about with the tech. Arun adds his own editing wizardry into the mix however, leading to a style of shot that is distinctly his own.

Top of the list is his above upload of the Google Pixel 3 XL. Admittedly an ad, it nonetheless captures the eye in an imaginative and impactful manner. And with an engagement rate of over 6%, it seems like his tech-hungry audience of over 189,000 people agrees.

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