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3 ways Instagram will change now Facebook’s really in charge

Date Posted: 27 September, 2018
3 ways Instagram will change now Facebook’s really in charge

Changes are incoming at Instagram.

On Monday the founders of Instagram Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced they were leaving to focus on ‘new opportunities’. Despite the speculation, it doesn’t take a trained eye to notice the exit from the Instagram founders was due to the bubbling tensions from the CEO of its parent company, Facebook.

As most of us know, Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion, and it is often argued that Facebook has been fundamental to Instagram’s success. The social giant has taught the business how to monetise the platform and gather that precious user data. This expansion has resulted in Instagram becoming one of the leading social platforms in the world, boasting a billion users and valued at a whopping $100 billion. Not bad.

However, amidst the tremendous growth there were reported clashes between the execs at Instagram and Zuckerberg himself, as he became ever more reliant on leveraging Instagram to counter Facebook’s slowing growth.

So why is this departure so important and what does it mean for the beloved app?

Although we can’t predict the future, there are a few changes we’d put money on being implemented as a result of the duo’s exit.

1) A revision of IGTV

The recent implementation of IGTV was a project of Kevin Systrom, which was originally nearly pulled because of its similarities to Facebook Watch. It’s no flop, but IGTV has been slow to capture the attention of the end user in comparison to the instant hit of Instagram stories. We wouldn’t be surprised if the departure of Systrom and Krieger leaves the project in flux and potentially even slowly removed from the platform.

2) Ads, ads, and more ads

As touched on above, Facebook’s popularity has been slightly tarnished recently (cough, cough Cambridge Analytica) which has caused implications to the overall growth of the platform. Zuckerberg will undoubtedly look to Instagram for support, with it already on track to provide Facebook with $20 billion by 2020. With Instagram integrating fresh eCommerce tools, such as shopping tags on Instagram stories, we can expect to see it as a growing destination for online purchases. We envisage Instagram launching its dedicated shopping app imminently.

3) Algorithm changes

Facebook is renowned for being experts when it comes to using algorithms to highlight relevant content to the end user. We would expect this to continue, as the explore function on Instagram will aid in maximising the time spent on the platform.

The algorithm changes weren’t without controversy however, and had big implications for brand pages on Facebook’s news feed. Potential algorithm updates could reduce the reach of branded pages and content, pushing brands further down the paid advertising route to gain exposure.

We suspect that the departure of the Instagram founders won’t cause a huge shift in the channel’s momentum, but it will undoubtedly be interesting to see what comes next with Zuckerberg at the helm. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers scrolling, that’s for sure.

By Sam Williams, Social Media Manager

For more of Sam’s social insights, head over to his LinkedIn here.


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